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Which is the Best Mezcal ?

In this article, we will explain how to find the right type of Mezcal for people that are interested in immersing themselves in this extraordinary, yet sometimes confusing world of Mezcal

Which is The Best Mezcal ?

Which Mezcal is the Best? This is a particularly interesting question to ask when talking about Mezcal , precisely because Mezcal is such and ample category of spirits that share different production methods and regions that produce quite unique spirits, that differ greatly amongst themselves.

For this particular reason, one can say that there almost certainly is a Mezcal for everyone, provided that one knows where to look , and what type of complexity and flavour one is looking for in order to find the Best Mezcal.

It is importat to note that The Mezcal Denomination of Origin is different from the usual D.O’s that rule other spirits, such as Whisky, Tequila and so forth, in the sense that Mezcal’s Denomination of Origin allows for more differences within the production method and ingredients, for this reason you can taste two different types of Mezcal from different regions, and they can both be as different as sipping a Gin and comparing its taste with a Rum.

On order to find the Best Mezcal, one must first understand which Mezcal types are produced in each region, and then decide which properties would better fit our palate.

Suave como la Miel, Viejo como la Tierra
Suave como la Miel, Viejo como la Tierra

Mezcal that is produced in the central and northern regions of Mexico, such as Zacatecas, San Luis Potosi and Durango, are known to be extremely smooth and easy tasting. Allowing for an excellent pairing with light flavoured foods, such as soft cheese, pasta, fruit and lightl condiment seafood. This type of Mezcal shares similar properties with Scotch Whisky, and is meant to be enjoyed straight at room temperature in order to fully enjoy its light notes and wood flavours.

This can be the best mezcal for people with delicate palates, and sensible senses. This type of Mezcals are also perfect for bringing to a social reunion or event because of its charismatic characteristics.


Mezcal Miel de Tierra is considered to be the leading standard of this select class of Mezcal. In 2014 we received the Double Gold Award as the Best Mezcal in the California Wines and Spirits Competition, as well as having received the Silver Medal in that same year for best tasting Spirit in the New York International Spirit Competition.

Few people actually know that Mezcal can be quite smooth and light tasting, and often mix up the reputation that Mezcal that is produces in southern Mexico has acquired, as we shall explain next.

Mezcal that is produced in the southern states of Oaxaca and Guerrero are known to be quite the opposite. Mezcal in this region is given a different, cheaper process that gives this Mezcal much stronger taste and allows for a mixture of different flavours to be added to the spirit. The result is a more exotic distillate, with strong smoke notes and high alcoholic content. This type of Mezcal is recommended for people looking to taste different experiences and who enjoy robust and complex flavours.

In conclusion, we recommend that you try different styles of Mezcal, both smooth and robust, and with some luck you can find that these styles are appropriate for different situations, and can greatly enjoyed when they are paired correctly. This is the best way to find the Best Mezcal.