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Our History


Our History

The local family tradition of Casa Miel de Tierra, hailing from the colonial towns in the South of the state of Zacatecas,
declares that only local-made, virgin, white oak wood caskets can be used for resting Mezcal. In English, Miel de Tierra means “Earth’s Honey”, and the name comes from the sweet, amber-flushed tree sap, which can only be found in virgin barrels made of fresh natural oak timber. The barrel has never been used for any finality. Its sole purpose in this Earth will only be sharing its properties to a single Mezcal batch of Miel de Tierra.

Earth's Honey

The natural tree sap offers a very distinct and unique wooden flavor and intense aroma. Miel de Tierra labels can be immediately recognized with even a swift whiff because of this distinct characteristic. Other Mezcal-making regions in Mexico indulge in different production traditions, specially in the South, where most of them rightfully boast a complexity of flavors, such as the classic smoke notes and strong, intense aromas, instead of singling out and isolating the main key elements, as is done in the regions of Central Mexico.

Few people know that, In the south of Zacatecas, Mezcal making has been a family tradition older than Mexico itself, and the regional motto has forever been to produce Artisanal Mezcal of the uttermost smoothness and purity, strictly eluding the addition of any foreign elements during production. All of the Mezcal making traditions add to the beautiful and rich culture that has surrounded Mezcal production in our country for Centuries. Not one style can be said to be superior to the other, rather, their difference is to be celebrated and enjoyed throughout this complex and ancient world of Mezcal making.

Miel de Tierra is not a typical Mezcal, neither by production nor by taste. Such a spirit is best left to the senses, to provide a luscious judgment.



An elegant distillate indisputable quality craftsmanship. Distinguished over the rest of mezcals to be unusually smooth and light on the palate. The notes of wood and natural tree sap provide a singular experience that makes Miel de Tierra unique in its very own category.