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Our private collection of handcrafted Mezcal

Each and everyone of our labels is crafted for a specific palate of Mezcal connoisseur, read along, and find your match.


The Puritan

Miel de Tierra jóven is the limited edition craft of our house. With a strict production of 504 bottles per annum, this singular mezcal represents the highest purity that can be achieved in a distillate of this category.

It is characterized by its pure and penetrating focused flavor that immediately surrounds on the palate, leaving a soft vanilla note that lingers pleasurably which is renewed with every small sip.

Sommeliers will find Miel de Tierra jóven to be slightly more aggressive on the palate, making it an excellent recommendation for experienced and seasoned aficinados.


The Grandfather

The first born of our house named as “The smoothest tasting mezcal” in its category, Miel de Tierra reposado has been recognized multiple times for its delicate flavor to the palate. It is undoubtedly the strong notes of virgin oak timbers that mark the exquisite tasting experience, deliberately replacing the flavors of smoke and ash that are common amongst classic mezcals.

Finally, miel de tierra reposado is characterized by the light touch of “honey” that lingers on the palate. This delicate flavour comes from the sweet sap of virgin timber that is strictly used to rest our mezcal for months in the catacombs of our hacienda.

A distinctly different mezcal, recommended for sensitive and refined tastes that treasure delicate flavors

As Smooth as Honey,as Grand as our Soil


The Classic


Miel de Tierra Salmiana is made exclusively from wild Salmiana Agaves, which only grow in the secluded region of Mexquitic de Carmona, in the state of San Luis Potosi in Central Mexico. This traditional mezcal features the classic smoke and ash notes that have immortalized the mezcal denomination worldwide.

Along with it, comes exotic aromas that blend perfectly to create a cascade of flavors meant only for the most sophisticated Mezcal devotee

A fine, classic mezcal that englobes a wild , yet balanced, combination of notes that separate it from the intense and selective purity that distinguish our other labels.

For every bottle sold, Miel de Tierra is committed to share a portion of the profits in helping the natural conservation of wild honeybees in rural Mexico.


With five years in the making, Miel de Tierra Añejo Reserva is the most selective distillate of our craft. Produced from our private family reserve, this Aged Mezcal attains the most delicate notes of seasoned oak timbers and its cherished honey sap.

This super aged Mezcal completely breaks the conventional Mezcal wisdom by presenting the most smooth and rounded notes of wood-honey and vanilla ever to be seen embedded in the extra premium Mezcal category.

A Miel de Tierra Añejo delivers a unique gastronomical experience for connoisseurs and amateurs alike.

This craft delivers an overwhelming gastronomical experience for connosieurs and amateurs alike.


The Classic


Miel de Tierra Espadín is the cornerstone of classic Oaxacan Mezcal making tradition.

The agaves are slowly roasted underground for days, then crushed manually with our 3 ton Tahona, and fermented in traditional wooden vats, this Mezcal represents the finest of Oaxacan craftsmanship.

Featuring delicate, yet balanced smoke essences, accompanied with balanced earthy notes, this Mezcal harnesses centuries of family knowledge to create the epicenter of Oaxacan Mezcal mastership

For every bottle sold, Miel de Tierra is committed to share a portion of the profits in helping the natural conservation of wild honeybees in rural Mexico.